Sad Eyes

I saw you.

Your smile,

Your style,

Your wit,

Your guile.

You’re fascinating.

You’re a risk taker.

You’re passionate.

But you’re sad.

Why are you sad?

What holds you down?

What makes you mad?

What’ll make you glad?

Why are you sad?

Choices. Choices. Choices.

We live with their outcomes.

We yield to their demands.

We succumb to their tasks.

But we’re sad.

But we smile.

That smile.

That smile hides a million wants.

That smile focuses on the present.

That smile forces us to move on.

But you’re sad.  

Almond shaped, glistening eyes.

Twinkling with kindness.

Tells a story you try to hide.

One not worth revealing.

As you push on throughout your day,

Know that there’s someone

Who can see,

Your smile,

Your style,

Your wit,

Your guile,

Your eyes,

Your sad eyes.