Thursday, February 21 (and every Thursday thereafter) ignites Raw Talk with Tico & Addi- a space where these accomplished ladies openly discuss topics and issues which affect women of color.

The radio-based show is to be housed on WSRF 1580AM & 99.5FM, covering all of S. Florida and Northern Cuba.

The show will focus on the following topics:

  • Women’s Lifestyle: Health, sex, relationships, wellness, raising children, community resources, education, general advice, empowerment, building wealth
  • Current Events: Hot Topics in the news, trends, world and local news, happenings
  • Creativity: Fashion, DIY, networking, entrepreneurship, the Arts, recipes, foodie spots
  • Community: Resources, housing, politics, grant talks, money, credit, collaborations, volunteering, diaspora interests, working & studying abroad


You may also reach out to Tico and Addi at

Look for us on social media! We will always “go live” on Facebook and YouTube!

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