Okay, So I’ve started another blog (to soon become a magazine) somewhere else…

The mystical side of things refers to the workers, artists, and shakers who make things happen behind the scenes. Referring to the “producers” as the artists denotes that neglecting fact that one needs an extraordinary level of talent and creativity to work under pressures as marketing rivalries, competitions to include venue spaces, fashion trending, music biases, class marginalization, area gentrification, cultural preservation, support solicitations, etc…

The bottom line, to make Miami glitter (attracting tourism) and pop takes hard work. Furthermore, to preserve organic cultures, with all the influences of superfluity, pretentiousness and plastic imagery-is hard WORK. So, there are a few still standing, fighting-pushing to keep the grounded push of street art, fashion, indie- music and real, whole foods going. Some actually care about our babies, children, women, environment, sustainability, locally grown foods, clean water, education, access to resources and the right to live a fulfilling life in the arts as an artist. Some still believe in ensuring that artists are paid for their craft…from the midwife to the chef-the artist must eat, too.

They are out there, seemingly mystically. The little ones. The ones who the big ones neglect. The little ones will grow, and the big ones will bust. Such is life. In the flow…we shall grow and take over…Miami.

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